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Funding Success

Based on the results of our COB-MS feasibility trial, we have been successful in funding for the next stages of the COB-MS project. This will involve a definitive trail of teh COB-MS where we will test the clinical and cost-effectivness. We are very thankful to our funders - the Health Research Board- MS Ireland, and all the participants, PPI emmbers, and supporters who helped us get to this stage. We are excited about what is to come. 

Full details are avaible on the HRB website HERE

Image by Dan Dimmock

COB-MS Results

The results are in from our COB-MS feasibility trial. We have created an infographic to help better present the trial results. If you want to know more please visit our COB-MS website and have a look at the full text of the published articles we have written. 


HRB-TMRN Webinar series

On 13th October 2022 we presented the results of four studies-with-a-trial (SWATs) that were completed as part of the COB-MS feasibility trial. 

This talk was part of the HRB-TMRN webinar series and the PPI National Festival 2022

New PhD Students

This month (September 2022) two new PhD students started their PhD journeys at the University of Galway- see HERE

Éle Quinn is an occupational therapist, and will be completing her PhD, funded by Evidence Synthesis Ireland on the topic of "People's Review". Watch this space for more details on this and how you can take part.

Qiuxia Li, funded by Chinese Scholarship Scheme, will focus her research on co-producing an online intervention for caregivers of people with dementia. 

Both projects have strong PPI focus so get in touch if you would like to be involved, or just to know more.


Five things older LGBTQ+ people need you to know

Megan Oglesby and Sinéad Hynes wrote and published a short article on the RTÉ Brainstorm website based on the results of the Diversifying Dementia Services research. Read this article linked HERE

Survey over 50 years._edited.jpg

Why I became a patient researcher - RTÉ Brainstorm

Robert Joyce, embedded patient researcher on the COB-MS trial, wrote and published a short article on the RTÉ Brainstorm website. Read his article linked HERE

R Joyce.JPG

Improving the quality of health research with patient-researchers

Robert Joyce, embedded patient researcher on the COB-MS trial, was invited to expand on his Open Letter on the HRB Open platform, through an interview published on the HRB blog. Read about his views on how patients might improve the quality of health research through meaningful involvement and participation. Article linked HERE

Notebook and Fountain Pen

Build-a-Box Campaign  

The Build-a-Box Campaign was chosen as a feature project by Campus Engage- see here.

The Build-a-Box programme, developed in the ‘Community Engagement’ module, aimed to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups. Genuine partnerships that are of mutual benefit to the students and community partners are critical for this programme's success. Students are exposed to real-time community issues. They learn to respond to the needs of their partners with empathy and respect, and contribute to creative and sustainable solutions to everyday problems, ultimately building the foundation for life-long partnership skills.

Interview with GCN


Daithí Cee, a PPI contributor and activist, and Sinéad sat down with Ian Smith from Gay Community News to talk about the Diversifying Dementia Research project, funded by the Irish Research Council, planned in conjunction with Alzheimer Society. 

Read the article HERE on the GCN website.

Dementia clip.JPG

PPI Excellence Award

COB-MS research project announced as joint winner of PPI Excellence in research 

February 25th 2021

We are thrilled as a team to be joint winners of the PPI Excellence in research award 2021. More information in the video below, with a longer video on the PPI Ignite Youtube site.


Please see: for more information on PPI-focused aspects of our trial. 

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